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30 Sep. 2013


cococolor事業部長 / cococolor発行人

Welcome, cococolor!

Are you familiar with the word “diversity?”

You have probably heard about “biodiversity,”… but what we are talking about here is diversity as it relates to human beings such as ourselves.

Our society is comprised of many individuals, each different when it comes to age, gender, sexual orientation, occupation, physical characteristics, disability, race, nationality, culture, language, and religion. Viewed through a wider lens, the world population has now topped 7 billion, with a historically-unprecedented number of individuals all co-existing on the same planet, all living amidst diversity as never before seen.

Due to such changes in the world around us, diversity is now globally recognized as a key social issue, sparking discussion and initiatives as the value of diversity is reexamined within society, businesses, and other organizations.

Even so, there are still people who don’t seem to be on board quite yet.

We would like those individuals to join us all in taking proactive steps to grasp the value of diversity and learn more about how it impacts us. We are launching cococolor, a diversity-related online magazine, for that very important reason—to bring information and people together on this topic.

As we each activate our individual “colors,” surely change will come. As we show consideration to others, innovative vibes will emerge “from here” (“koko kara” in Japanese).Artistically expressed, “koko kara” becomes “cococolor.” With this venue and opportunity, we can begin together—from here, cococolor!

cococolor, entrusted with this aspiration, will offer information enriching our appreciation of diversity through many perspectives: learning, sharing, reflecting, participating and enjoying.

We eagerly await your input, opinions, and impressions. Let us hear from you!

We believe that diversity will create a more wonderful and colorful society for all.

取材・文: cococolor編集部
Reporting and Statement: cococolor